Trackers Activated Over North Pacific


suradarHere’s an interesting development. Elves working on Santa’s flight path over the Pacific have been put on high alert. That means they are at their stations, watching radar, receiving confidential tracking data, and prepared to report any activity in the skies there.

The Tracking Department confirms that elves in Alaska, Hawaii, Midway, Guam, the Philippines, Marshall Islands, Tonga, Samoa and even as far south as Australia have all been put on high alert.

We don’t know why that would be necessary right now. We will keep you posted.

Elf Ernest

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Listen as Elf Rusty Belz checks in with a spotter elf in Alaska:



100 Days until Christmas

elfcomputer2We’re getting a little nervous here at the North Pole. The big countdown clock in the workshop just ticked over to 100 days until Christmas…and that means time is running out.

I’m not talking about the work going on in Santa’s workshop. I’m talking about the new radio broadcast for Christmas this year. It has us all feeling very anxious.

Santa has told us he wants Santa tracking to become more personal. Rather than kids just following him on a map he wants everyone to know the story of Operation Merry Christmas and everything that goes on when Santa flies the world. That means he wants us to report the news and to tell the radio audience all that is going on.

How hard can that be, right?

Well, that is not the hard part. We have been sharing the news of Operation Merry Christmas now for decades here on

But we haven’t done it in our own voices before.

We’re afraid we’ll get nervous and mess up — or, say something really stupid. Elf Rusty Belz is a radio guy and he has done this for years. So he is not stupid.

But I’m just an elf. And so is Elf Victor and Elf Hugo and Elf Bernard and Elf Gloria and all the others who might end up on the radio.

At first, we thought that maybe Santa wouldn’t want the world to hear our voices. After all, when we travel he always tells us to never let people know that we are elves who work at the North Pole. We thought for sure Santa would want our voices to remain anonymous too.

But he said that was a goofy idea.

“I don’t want you to tell people you are elves when you are out in the world for your own safety,” Santa said. “It isn’t because I want to hide you! Don’t be silly. Let the world hear the smile in your voice, let them hear what a Merry Christmas sounds like. Talk on the radio, report the news!”

So we have been doing practice sessions of our Christmas Eve broadcast. Elf Rusty has been trying to teach us how to pronounce things on the radio and we’re just about ready to do a test program using news from last Christmas as we practice.

I’m so very nervous to do that. All week long Rusty has been trying to teach me how to say “You’re listening to live Updates from the North Pole on Kringle Radio”. I keep messing up by saying “You’re listening to Kringle Radio with live Updates from the North Pole”. Rusty says either way is fine but I know I mess up and then I say “arrrrrgggh!” and Rusty says I just can’t do that on the radio.

We will keep working on it and let you know when we are ready!

— Elf Ernest

Santa Update Moves to Radio to Track Santa

tracksanta250We’re very excited to announce that our 22nd year of tracking Santa on Christmas Eve will be enhanced with LIVE radio updates from the North Pole beginning on December 23rd, 2013, and will be heard on Kringle Radio.

“This is a monumental team effort and a first-of-it’s-kind effort in broadcasting news from my home here at the North Pole,” Santa Claus said. “We have elves around the world and an entire network of broadcast engineers, stations and newscasters who are sacrificing a lot of their time at Christmas to make this happen. The news that breaks here on Santa Update will continue to be shared on the Internet, as it always has. But now that news will be broadcast on the radio, too. It should make it easier than ever to follow me around the world.”

Plans call for these broadcasts to be anchored by Elf Rusty Belz here at the North Pole Santa Tracking Central Command Center. His voice, as well as the voices of Elf Ernest, Elf Victor, Elf Billy, Elf Hugo and others of your favorites here at the North Pole will be heard during the broadcast. Other reporter elves stationed at tracking stations around the globe will also be heard.

The special live broadcast is scheduled to begin on December 23rd, several hours before Santa’s scheduled December 24th launch time. As news updates come in every 15 minutes after Santa launches that information will be broadcast between the regular Christmas music programming at Kringle Radio.

As with all offerings from Santa and the North Pole, these broadcasts will be presented without commercial messaging. (Santa has nothing to sell).

The radio broadcast will be produced by Elf Ernest, Santa’s Vice President of Public Relations and Chief Goodwill Ambassador.