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Big Announcement Coming

Greetings, all! We're gearing up for our Christmas in July celebrations. I have had some things planned to announce for months now but I just got word that something big and extra special is coming next week. In fact, the news is supposed…
Big Santa News
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Santa Plans Big Announcement for Saturday

Merry Tuesday Greetings! We’ve made it to day #4 in the Jingle Bells Singing Contest. Just two elves remain – Elf Jasmine and Elf Frieda. Already this is a historic contest. No girl elf has ever won the Jingle Bells Singing Contest…
Jingle Bells Contest
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Jingle Bells Contest Underway

Happy Sunday, all! Christmas in July is a break from the routine here at the North Pole. There just isn’t a lot of work getting done this week. Yes, the workshop is open and elves are showing up for work. But they are all coming in…
Big News from Santa
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Santa Promises a Major Announcement

Hey everyone! It might be Saturday but there’s big news coming. Santa just told me that he’s got a “major” announcement to make as part of Christmas in July at the North Pole. I don’t know what the news is or when Santa…
Christmas in July

Christmas in July Begins at the North Pole

Hi ho, everybody! It’s a big day here at the North Pole – a glorious day! Today we drag out the decorations and the lights and we make it look like Christmas again at the North Pole. Even though it is the dead of summer. Christmas…
Christmas in July

The Christmas Party is About to Begin

Have you ever wondered what a Christmas party at the North Pole was like? Now you can find out. Because it is party time! Christmas-in-July is one great big Christmas party here at the North Pole. For the next two weeks we just go Christmas…