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19 Weeks Until Christmas

19 weeks now until Christmas! Things are starting to feel festive. I have been talking to school teachers the past few weeks. We always hear from them as school starts up in various places. Elf Ernest tells me this is one of his favorite parts of the job. School teachers will write in asking for […]

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20 Weeks Until Christmas

20 weeks to go until Christmas, friends. Things are starting to feel…different. Last year the reindeer didn’t come back until really late. I think it was right around Thanksgiving when they finally showed up. I stopped by the reindeer barn the other day to talk to my friend there who gives me updates on Trixie, […]

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23 Weeks Until Christmas

23 Weeks until Christmas, gang. Have you any idea how close that is. Anyways. Crazy times. The big Tracker Elf Conference is this weekend. That’s what everyone here is working on. Santa sure got tongues wagging here this week with that crazy tracker elf recruiting goal. 200 million elves! People here just can’t believe it. […]

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24 Weeks Until Christmas

24 weeks now until Christmas! I’m sorry I’m a teensy bit late with the countdown this week. I’ve been too busy having fun. We’re celebrating Christmas in July here at the North Pole. It’s like an endless summer picnic this week. All week long it’s been a party of some sort. Hardly anyone, including me, […]

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25 Weeks Until Christmas

We are down to 25 weeks now until Christmas! That’s like…nothing! I feel like hanging my stocking right now, it’s SOOOOOooooooo close. I have to confess something. I have chatphobia. Seriously. I can’t even tell you the anxiety I got this week when Elf Ernest asked me to do a Christmas in July chat. I […]

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27 Weeks Until Christmas

27 weeks now until Christmas. It’s starting to get really kinda of busy around here. Now, before you ask, yes, Trixie is gone. This reindeer Mama is not happy about it but what can you do? This is supposed to be a six-week assignment. But then what? By then they say all of Santa’s reindeer […]

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28 Weeks Until Christmas

It’s only 28 weeks to Christmas now and Trixie’s home! She has grown so much! She has muscles on muscles and my goodness – is she ever FAST. I was so used to her being a little reindeer but now she’s taller than me. I mean, everyone is taller than me and Trixie is still […]

29 Weeks Until Christmas

Christmas is just 29 weeks away but it could be tomorrow, guys. Really. I mean sincerely. For reals. My best friend Gracie, who’s an elf over on the candy cane line, has a brother named Finn who works at Flight Command. Finns says that Santa’s new sleigh is breaking all kinds of records. They just […]