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6 Weeks Until Christmas

6 Weeks until Christmas now – do you have your tree up yet? I understand if you don’t. But I have my tree up now and I don’t mind telling you it’s lovely. I covered it in pink bows. Anyways. I’m starting to get excited about the Reindeer Games. My Trixie is going to compete. […]

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9 Weeks Until Christmas

There are just 9 weeks until Christmas and I’m so very, very excited. My little Trixie is coming home for Halloween. As you read yesterday here on Santa Update the test flight pilots and their reindeer are coming home next weekend for Halloween. I finally get to see her! She’s a big girl now, as […]

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11 Weeks Until Christmas

11 Weeks until Christmas folks and I’m starting to see some strain on the elf efforts here at the North Pole. I visited the Department of Elf Resources here at the North Pole for a story I’m working on for the Santa Tracker Herald Star. And you know what? That’s one crazy nutso place right […]

12 Weeks Until Christmas

12 weeks until Christmas, gang, but let’s talk Halloween, shall we? I got a call from Elf Harold Star, my editor over at the Santa Tracker Herald Star, and he told me he got a call from Mrs. Claus. All of a sudden I find myself on the Halloween Committee here at the North Pole. […]

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15 Weeks Until Christmas

There’s only 15 weeks until Christmas, guys. 15 weeks! But it is Christmas here already. We got a ton of snow this week. I mean a ton. That has really given everything a kind of Christmas feel to things. I mean, nobody has their lights or trees up yet but it still has a Christmasy […]

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16 Weeks Until Christmas

16 weeks until Christmas, gang! It’s getting exciting here. I’ve spent this week over at the Wrapping Department, talking with Elf Wally. My ears hurt. Elf Wally can talk FAST. I think that’s why he got that job over there. Everything is so speedy over there. I don’t think I could ever work in that […]

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17 Weeks Until Christmas

There are now just 17 weeks until Christmas. I can smell it in the air now. That’s because of several things. First of all, a lot of cookies are being worked on in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. Elves here eat cookies like crazy. But Mrs. Claus tells me the cookies they are eating now are nothing […]

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18 Weeks Until Christmas

18 weeks until Christmas, gang! Have ya frosted any cookies yet? I have. I took a workshop Mrs. Claus held earlier this week. I had no idea there were so many rules to just frosting cookies. I would just slather the stuff on and sprinkle it with something sugary. That is not the way you […]