Epic Food Fight at the North Pole
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The Biggest Food Fight in North Pole History

The biggest food fight in North Pole history happened at the North Pole as part of the annual Halloween Party. It may not be right to call this a food fight. It happens every year, everyone comes ready for it and everyone stays to help clean…
Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 4 Weeks
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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 4 Weeks

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Operation Merry Christmas begins in 4 weeks! That's right. Time to get excited, everybody! Imagine it: in just four short weeks we'll be getting DAILY updates from the North Pole as the countdown to Christmas…
Mrs. Claus Talks About Elves

Mrs. Claus Talks About Elves

Mrs. Claus took me to Santa’s workshop today and after a brief tour we had the conversation as noted below. First of all, I was surprised at everything Mrs. Claus knows about Santa’s Workshop. She is a different person in there! Did you…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 7 Weeks

Hi! Another week down. Just seven weeks now until Operation Merry Christmas begins. I'm so excited! This week I was given a tour of the candy cane factory here at the North Pole. It was so very interesting. It answered a question I have…
Santa Travels
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Santa Travels to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Santa travels to celebrate Thanksgiving this next week in Canada. Mrs. Claus has family in Canada and the Claus' love to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Thanksgiving, as you are well aware, is Santa's favorite holiday. Even if it is in…
Mrs. Claus Helps

How Mrs. Claus Helps

In my meeting with Mrs. Claus this week we discussed a whole bunch of things, including how Mrs. Claus helps Santa. You all certainly have some interesting questions! I think this little conversation will answer some of them. I find Mrs. Claus…
Feeding Santa 1

Mrs. Claus Talks Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa is our first conversation with Mrs. Claus for Santa Update. This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing feature here on Santa Update. I did try to convince Mrs. Claus to record our conversation but she is not quite…
Feeding Santa 4
Feeding Santa 5
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Early Christmas Party at the North Pole

We have not been able to enjoy a Christmas party on Christmas Eve at the North Pole for a few years now. That changes right now. In fact, elves are gathering in kind of an impromptu action to throw a party together at the Claus residence.…
Feeding Santa 6
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Feeding Santa

Happy Friday, all! Mrs. Claus was on television today at the North Pole and what she had to say has everyone here at the North Pole talking. Mrs. Claus was talking about feeding Santa on Christmas Eve. When anyone mentions Santa and food…