New Sleigh
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New Sleigh Version to be Tested

With no announcement and little fanfare, North Pole Flight Command has dispatched Version 10 of Santa's new sleigh to Sector 5 for testing. According to the North Pole Radio News report (which you can listen to in the player above), an investigation…
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Sleigh Teams Coming Home for Thanksgiving

The test flight sleigh teams are coming home once again - this time for Thanksgiving. Since Halloween the test flights of Santa's sleigh have traveled south from the North Pole through Canada in Sector 5, over the waters of the northern Atlantic,…
9 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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9 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang! 9 weeks left now until Christmas. I was going to talk some more about Halloween but, honestly, there are some bigger things of Christmas to share with you. As you may know, the test flights of Santa's sleigh are happening…
11 Weeks Until Christmas 2
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11 Weeks Until Christmas

11 weeks until Christmas! Can ya believe it??? This weekend has so many Christmas things going on. First of all, Santa and Mrs. C have headed out to Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving, as is their tradition every year. Mrs. Claus has…
100 Days
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100 Days Until Santa Launches

The launch of Santa's sleigh is the most anticipated event of the year at the North Pole. So many things have to happen in order for Santa to take off in his sleigh to bring Christmas to the world. But the sleigh right now is the biggest…
North Pole Chat Recap
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North Pole Chat Explores the Test Flights

In today's North Pole Chat I discussed the recent crash of a test flight of Santa's sleigh and just how those test flights work each year. Our guest was Elf Crash Murphy, Santa's famed eye-in-the-sky reporter who just happens to know a lot about…
18 Weeks Until Christmas 3
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18 Weeks Until Christmas

There are just 18 weeks until Christmas, Friends. And what a week it has been here at the North Pole! For the first time in my experience at the North Pole we had a genuine emergency here a few days ago. North Pole Flight Command went…
Eye Witness Report of Sleigh Crash 4
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Eye Witness Report of Sleigh Crash

An eye witness of the crash of a test flight of Santa's sleigh has come forward with video he was shooting that caught the crash. That video is proving to be quite valuable to investigators from North Pole Flight Command who want to know why…
Test Flight Crashes
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Test Flight of Santa's Sleigh Crashes

(BREAKING NEWS - NORTH POLE FLIGHT COMMAND) - A crash of a test flight of Santa's sleigh has been reported by North Pole Flight Command. The flight was underway in the South Pacific. The pilot and reindeer went down in the water and have…
Compromise Found in Sleigh Debate 5
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Compromise Found in Sleigh Debate

The debate over Santa's sleigh and when test flights for it will begin is over. Santa has engineered a compromise to begin test flights in July. Santa's sleigh was scheduled to being test flights in September. But a special department…
Debate over Santa's Sleigh
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Debate Breaks Out Over Santa's Sleigh

Late last week North Pole Flight Command quietly broke the news of a warning over the plan for Santa's sleigh this year. Since then a debate has erupted over the issue. The warning, given by the Department of Redundancy Department, claims…
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Santa Surprises with Early Visit to Africa

News Recap: Santa has shown up in Somalia and nobody is quite sure why. It's quite early for a first visit to Sector 3. Status of Regional Operations - North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational -- **Heavy Snow - Whiteout** - Sector…