Santa Tracker
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Secrets of a Professional Santa Tracker

In a special episode of the North Pole Podcast elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy discuss the work of a professional Santa Tracker, Elf Petey LaCroix. Elf Petey is part of a team of special elves charged with tracking Santa's sleigh on Christmas…
Santa Scouts the Sleigh 1
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Santa Scouts the Sleigh

From somewhere in the South Pacific Santa Claus met with field tracker Elf Petey LaCroix this week to scout test flights of Santa’s sleigh. As reported earlier, Santa wanted to see new equipment in action and to discuss with Elf Petey the…
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Elf Scout Goes into Hiding

Elf Petey LaCroix, famed professional tracker of Santa who customarily reports on North Pole Radio News each Christmas Eve, has been dispatched from the North Pole to a secret location somewhere in Sector 1. Days ago it was reported that…
Santa Taking a Brief Break from Walkabout 2
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Santa Taking a Brief Break from Walkabout

North Pole Flight Command informed us today that Santa will be participating in a “field test” associated with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh sometime next week. “Test flights are not all just about the sleigh,” Elf Roger Star,…
Test Flight Accomplishes a New Speed Record 3
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Test Flight Accomplishes a New Speed Record

Santa’s new sleigh – which is still on Version 2 – has set a new speed record in the past few days. Test flights of Santa’s sleigh have wandered north from Central America to the southern United States. Recently, on an extended flight…
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5 Months Until Christmas

Greetings, friends! Today we mark 5 months until Christmas – and yet another great day during Christmas in July. As maybe you can tell from our chats this Christmas-in-July thing means a little down time for us. But there still remains…
200 Days Until Santa's Launch 4
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200 Days Until Santa's Launch

North Pole Flight Command is quietly celebrating 200 days until Santa’s launch by expanding the flight routes of Santa’s sleigh. The sleigh, now in test flight stage, has been flying for a week in clear North Pole skies. Preliminary…
29 Weeks Until Christmas 5
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29 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi guys! There are just 29 weeks until Christmas left. It has been a quiet week at the North Pole. Actually, no it has not been a quiet week. It’s really been very busy. It’s just been all business. The test flights of Santa’s…
Santa's Flight
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What Happens on Santa's Flight

What happens on Santa's flight? In this episode of the North Pole Podcast Elf Frank interviews Elf Crash Murphy, the Ultimate Santa Tracker charged with following behind Santa each year and reporting about it on Kringle Radio. Nobody has…
Ten months
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Ten Months Until Christmas

Hello, friends! Ten months remain until Christmas and we’re still talking about last Christmas. It seems the mail coming in to the North Pole this time of year is centered on sleighs and snow. We want to answer some of those questions. Snow…
Trackers Getting Ready 6
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Trackers Getting Ready

North Pole Flight Command issued a strange announcement today as they took the Santa Tracker Map at dark for the first time since test flights began last July. Please refer to the North Pole Radio News report above for more…
Update from Santa's Workshop 7
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Update from Santa's Workshop

Santa's workshop is one busy place these days. But after meeting with Elf Bernard there this week Santa feels like things are right on track. We also sent Elf Crash Murphy there today to check things out and you can hear his report for North…