North Pole Flight Command
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North Pole Flight Command Launches a New Site

North Pole Flight Command has now opened a brand new website. The new site is located at North Pole Flight Command is one of the largest departments here at the North Pole. Simply put, it is their job to help Santa…
150 Days Until Santa Launches
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Santa Launches in 150 Days

We have reached an important milestone today: it is now just 150 days until Santa launches. While the rest of the North Pole wraps up Christmas-in-July today I am at the North Pole Flight Command Center preparing for a bunch of meetings that…
Reindeer Recalled
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Some Reindeer Recalled to the North Pole

We have unsual news to report to you today: Santa has recalled four special teams of test flight reindeer to the North Pole. In talking to the elves at North Pole Flight Command this is the earliest these reindeer have returned to the North…
Santa's Sleigh
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Santa Surprises By Showing Off New Sleigh

An unexpected development today that was part breaking news and part Christmas-in-July celebration. Santa for the first time ever showed off his new sleigh. You see, normally, we really don't get to see the new sleigh design until just before…
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