Mrs. Claus Cancels Again 1
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Mrs. Claus Cancels Again

Mrs. Claus has notified her office that she will again be absent from the North Pole again this week. This is the second week in a row that Mrs. Claus has cancelled her planned meetings. She is the coverage for Santa, who has been away from…
Mrs. Claus Cancels Meetings 2
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Mrs. Claus Cancels Meetings

In a text sent to Elf Trixie, Chief of Staff in the office of Mrs. Claus, all calendar events for Mrs. Claus for this week have been cancelled. Mrs. Claus was originally expected back at the North Pole on Thursday of last week. At this moment…
Mrs. Claus
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Mrs. Claus Late in Returning

Mrs. Claus was in Canada this week to celebrate Thanksgiving there with her family, as we reported earlier. But she has not returned to the North Pole as scheduled. According to a press release from her office today Mrs. Claus has decided…
Reindeer Events
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Reindeer Events Put on Hold

As the calendar rolls into October the Reindeer Department has announced that until further notice they will not be posting a calendar of reindeer events for this year. Without reindeer being here and with no information about when they will…
Santa Remains at Large 3
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Santa Remains at Large

The search for Santa took something of a wild turn over the weekend. Reports surfaced that Santa had been found by Elf Crash Murphy, who was traveling in Sector 2. Those reports included a video of Crash talking with Santa. That video caused…
Santa Scouts the Sleigh 4
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Santa Scouts the Sleigh

From somewhere in the South Pacific Santa Claus met with field tracker Elf Petey LaCroix this week to scout test flights of Santa’s sleigh. As reported earlier, Santa wanted to see new equipment in action and to discuss with Elf Petey the…
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100 Days Until Santa Launches from the North Pole

There are 100 days now until Santa launches. This important milestone is marked on official North Pole websites and on countdown clocks around the world. Operation Merry Christmas – the traditional name of Santa’s mission – appears…
Reindeer Tracking Office Launches 5
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Reindeer Tracking Office Launches

Several weeks ago North Pole Flight Command announced the addition of the Reindeer Tracking Office. That office opened today. Unfortunately, there are no reindeer yet at the North Pole to track. However, those reindeer now working the…
Test Flight Accomplishes a New Speed Record 6
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Test Flight Accomplishes a New Speed Record

Santa’s new sleigh – which is still on Version 2 – has set a new speed record in the past few days. Test flights of Santa’s sleigh have wandered north from Central America to the southern United States. Recently, on an extended flight…
Santa Escapes Again 7
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Santa Escapes Again

He did it again. Santa escaped the near-certain capture we reported earlier this week from the state of Michigan in Sector 5. As we reported then, Santa was spotted in a restaurant in Portland, Michigan and the elves of North Pole Security…
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Santa Tracked to Michigan

A burger restaurant in Portland, Michigan is the scene of the latest sighting of Santa Claus. A tipster, thought to be a tracker elf from Sector 5, reported he thought Santa might be in Michigan after seeing Santa chowing down on a cheeseburger…
Reports of Santa in Norway 8
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Reports of Santa in Norway

Santa Claus has been spotted in the Norwegian village of Dombas in recent days. It is believed there is a reindeer ranch not far from that small town. North Pole Flight Command reports several villagers have contacted the North Pole to say…