Possible Santa Sightings in Central America 1
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Possible Santa Sightings in Central America

BREAKING – North Pole Security has received multiple reports of Santa sightings in Central America in the past several hours. North Pole Flight Command has dispatched sleighs to three locations with investigators to look into these sightings. One…
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Reindeer Handlers Growing Impatient

The Reindeer barn doors are closed and elves who usually tend to the needs of the reindeer are bored. Really bored. Only a handful of reindeer remain at the North Pole at this time. Teams usually assigned to Santa and Mrs. Claus are gone…
Mrs. Claus Cancels Meetings 2
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Mrs. Claus Cancels Meetings

In a text sent to Elf Trixie, Chief of Staff in the office of Mrs. Claus, all calendar events for Mrs. Claus for this week have been cancelled. Mrs. Claus was originally expected back at the North Pole on Thursday of last week. At this moment…
10 Weeks Until Christmas 3
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10 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 10 weeks until Christmas and I’m not liking the fact there are no Clauses at the North Pole. Mrs. C was supposed to be at her family’s home in Canada for Thanksgiving held last Monday. She was supposed to be home Thursday…
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Elf Seymour Snow Chats About the Weather

Elf Seymour Snow stopped by North Pole Chat and discussed how his Weather Department at the North Pole works with Santa on Christmas Eve. Fascinating discussion! Here is the chat transcript: Elf Ernest Our chat today is with Elf Seymour…
Mrs. Claus
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Mrs. Claus Late in Returning

Mrs. Claus was in Canada this week to celebrate Thanksgiving there with her family, as we reported earlier. But she has not returned to the North Pole as scheduled. According to a press release from her office today Mrs. Claus has decided…
Mrs. Claus Added to Chat Schedule 4
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Mrs. Claus Added to Chat Schedule

Mrs. Claus will be in North Pole Chat with her assistant, Elf Trixie, on Saturday, October 28th at 10am EST. With Santa still away on walkabout Mrs. Claus has been handling all the details of Operation Merry Christmas this year. In this…
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11 Weeks Until Christmas

Just 11 weeks now remain until Christmas and things are really happening at the North Pole. No, Santa is not back. And, no, the reindeer have not returned. And, yes, Mrs. Claus is away from the North Pole this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving…
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Elf Seymour Snow Coming to Chat

Elf Seymour Snow, head elf of the Weather Department at the North Pole, is coming to North Pole Chat on Saturday, October 14th. He will be discussing North Pole weather and how it affects planning for Santa’s flight. He will also be here…
Reindeer Events
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Reindeer Events Put on Hold

As the calendar rolls into October the Reindeer Department has announced that until further notice they will not be posting a calendar of reindeer events for this year. Without reindeer being here and with no information about when they will…
Santa Remains at Large 5
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Santa Remains at Large

The search for Santa took something of a wild turn over the weekend. Reports surfaced that Santa had been found by Elf Crash Murphy, who was traveling in Sector 2. Those reports included a video of Crash talking with Santa. That video caused…
12 Weeks Until Christmas 6
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12 Weeks Until Christmas

Just 12 weeks until Christmas, guys. That’s just crazy. The snow here is really coming down. So it’s starting to feel like Christmas even though the stockings are not yet hung and the trees are not yet up. Snow changes everything…