Santa's Sleigh
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Santa Surprises By Showing Off New Sleigh

An unexpected development today that was part breaking news and part Christmas-in-July celebration. Santa for the first time ever showed off his new sleigh. You see, normally, we really don't get to see the new sleigh design until just before…
North Pole Post Office Drowning in Mail 2
Lots of Talk About Santa's Sleigh 4
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Lots of Talk About Santa's Sleigh

Happy Monday! By all appearances things are well at the North Pole. Santa's Workshop is ahead of schedule, the reindeer are in training for the Reindeer Games and it appears that even the North Pole Post Office is handling the volume of mail…
A Sleigh Debate at the North Pole 5
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A Sleigh Debate at the North Pole

Greetings! With about 46 days to go until Santa launches a new debate has broken out at the North Pole: what sleigh design should Santa use this year? This was never supposed to happen. As you know, every year Santa flies a new sleigh.…
Santa's Sleigh Needs a Name 6
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Santa's Sleigh Needs a Name

Of the many details that goes into Santa's flight one that does not get enough attention is the tradition of giving Santa's sleigh a name. Santa loves naming things: elves, reindeer, his dogs, and, well, his sleigh. Every year just before…
Santa's Sleigh Extra Fast This Year 7
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Santa's Sleigh Extra Fast This Year

I attended a meeting of sleigh designers today. They were very, very pleased with the results of new flight tests. In fact, the sleigh designers are saying that if weather conditions are favorable enough the new sleigh will shatter old speed…
Santa's launch from the North Pole
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100 Days Until Santa Launches

Hi all! We have reached an important milestone in Operation Merry Christmas 2017 – Santa launches in exactly 100 days! We have 100 days to get all of our plans complete, from the wrapping to the workshop. There was a little ceremony…
North Pole News
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Final Test Flight of Santa's Sleigh Underway

There remains only 11 hours now until Santa launches -- and that means it is time to take Santa's sleigh on one final test flight. That flight took off just moments ago, as you can here on the news report below. The flight is piloted by…
North Pole News
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12 Hours Until Santa Launches

Santa launches from the North Pole in just 12 short hours. The day is flying by! This is another milestone for the North Pole -- a moment all elves here look forward to each year. When the big clocks says there are only 12 hours remaining…
North Pole News
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Prankster Paints the Sleigh Pink

Ho ho ho! Disturbing news from the Research and Development Department today working on the final version of Santa’s new sleigh: someone broke into the sleigh barn last night and painted it pink. Of course, it’s the work of the Merry…