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What Elves Eat

I just wanted to say thanks to all the folks who sent me email after last week’s column. I had no idea how much interest there is in elf life. Our little discussion about elves in your home really brought forward a ton of questions. You are very kind in your comments and you ask […]


Elves in Your House

Everybody knows about the Big Elf who goes down your chimney in the dark of night every Christmas. His name is Santa Claus. We all welcome him into our homes with great anticipation. But there are other elves that go to your house. Perhaps you know about these guys and what they do. Or maybe […]

A Face Made for Radio

The guys at the North Pole radio news department are really hard at work already. Their big show – the one you hear on Kringle Radio from December 23rd through the 25th tracking Santa round the world – will evidently feature some new voices this year. Yup, they are hiring some new folks and the […]