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Tracking Santa App to be Released Soon

We are pleased to announce that soon a Tracking Santa app will be released for mobile users. While all of our North Pole websites are mobile friendly we know many users want a faster, more nimble resource for quickly seeing Santa's flight…
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100 Days Until Santa Launches

100 days until Santa launches! The countdown clock here in North Pole Flight Command tells the story in big bold letters and everyone here is working now with greater urgency. Greetings, friends! Elf Max here, at your service. It is tracker…
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Tracking Santa by Text Opens Early

Tracking Santa by text has opened early this year. has launched the service much earlier this year due to requests from site visitors. As with other North Pole features this one has been revised and expanded. If you visit…
North Pole Flight Command
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North Pole Flight Command Launches a New Site

North Pole Flight Command has now opened a brand new website. The new site is located at North Pole Flight Command is one of the largest departments here at the North Pole. Simply put, it is their job to help Santa…
Tracking Santa Video
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Tracking Santa Video Surprises the North Pole

Our friends at released a video put together featuring the voices of North Pole Radio news. Someone here at the North Pole saw on social media and copied it. The video was played at the meeting being held by the radio elves…
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Santa Kicks off Santa Tracking Efforts

Santa tracking is a world-wide tradition. It is huge at the North Pole, too. Even those who do not work at the Tracking Department get big into Santa tracking. But more importantly, Santa depends on trackers around the world the most. Even…
Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve
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A Special Podcast About Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve

Flying behind Santa on Christmas Eve -- someone has to do it. Out today from the North Pole Radio News Team is a special podcast about flying behind Santa on Christmas and what it is like. Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Crash Murphy spent hours…
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