What to Expect in Tracking Santa 2017

What to Expect in Tracking Santa 2017

Greetings Santa Fans!

If you haven’t noticed by now the North Pole is getting ready to track Santa for Santa. And there are lots of new things to share with you.

First of all, the Flight Command Center website has been totally redesigned.

It has great information about Santa, the sleigh and the reindeer.

And don’t miss the information about launching Santa, too.

Plus there is a world map there that shows you how Flight Command divides up the world and what we know about certain areas of the world and how they affect Santa’s flight.

Also, aside from becoming an elf and being a Santa Tracker, you can also register your location on Santa’s map. It’s pretty cool – because you can see all the areas of the world where Santa has trackers helping him on his flight.

Like always, we will have the news program steaming live on Kringle Radio – and now I’m hearing rumors of a program just for Santa trackers alone that will air when Santa tracker check-ins begin.

In all, we have an epic year of Santa tracking planned that you don’t want to miss!

Elf Ernest

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School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together

School Classes Encouraged to Track Santa Together

Santa TrackersHi everyone!

In many parts of the world it is a new school year. We usually get a lot of questions and feedback from school teachers at this time of the year.

Many gather questions from their students and it is my job, with the help of a few others, to answer them.

It is a service we are happy to perform.

But I was reminded today that school classrooms are excellent places to track Santa.

Even though school is out for most people on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning we track Santa year round and many school classes follow our site.

We thank you for that. We encourage teachers and school club leaders to sign up at SantaTrackers.org as official organized Santa Tracker groups.

Santa tracking is, after all, an educational endeavor. Students learn geography. Students learn culture and traditions. And, of course, there is also the science of Santa to study as well as part of your Santa Tracking.

So don’t be shy, Teachers! Go ahead and register your class as official Santa Trackers. And ask us any questions you want.

That is what we are here for.

Elf Ernest

100 Days Until Santa Launches

100 Days Until Santa Launches

Santa's SleighHi all!

We have reached an important milestone in Operation Merry Christmas 2017 – Santa launches in exactly 100 days!

We have 100 days to get all of our plans complete, from the wrapping to the workshop.

There was a little ceremony today outside the big building that houses the North Pole Research and Development Department. Today is the day when the doors to that building are sealed and they will spend the next several weeks building a new sleigh for Santa from the ground up.

They build a new sleigh for Santa every year.

In fact, the design meetings begin almost immediately after Christmas is over and for months they discuss changes and improvements to Santa’s sleigh that might make it faster and safer.

For months they work on models and prototypes, testing different designs in a giant wind tunnel and meeting with Santa frequently.

But that process has to end some time and at some point they have to actually build the actual sleigh that Santa will use.

They start that on day #100.

It will only take a few weeks to build the sleigh. Then the test flights will begin.

Santa himself may or may not even test the sleigh. He may be too busy. Some years he never even gets in the new sleigh until the moment of truth.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this year’s sleigh. And remember – you can have a hand in giving this year’s sleigh a name, which Santa himself will select from the suggestions you guys make.

Elf Ernest

KringleRadio.com Broadcasting Now

KringleRadio.com Broadcasting Now

As is our tradition we’ve made arrangement for the FREE broadcast of the Santa Tracking Show from last Christmas Eve. They’ve flipped the switch over at KringleRadio.com and the show starts there in just hours.

This is a real treat, folks. 50-straight hours of pure Christmas — no commercials or anything like that. Just great Christmas music interrupted only by breaking news updates from the North Pole, just as it was heard last Christmas. If you didn’t get the chance to hear it then you can hear it all now!

Merry Christmas in July from all of us here at the North Pole!

Elf Ernest

Santa Flies on Kringle Radio Again

Santa Flies on Kringle Radio Again

Santa NewsGreat news, Santa Fans!

Over at Kringle Radio we will be replaying the broadcast of Santa’s flight around the world last Christmas Eve. That’s become a tradition here for our Christmas in July celebration. And it’s FREE.

Just come back right here on July 23rd and catch the broadcast in progress. We’ll have the link to listen in then posted.

It’s the coolest thing. Sit in a dark room with an air conditioner going, your Christmas tree up, your curtains drawn or shades closed, maybe put on a candle or get a hot mug of cocoa going — and then tune in to Kringle Radio right here and pretend it is Christmas Eve all over the world. You’ll hear it just as it happened last Christmas Eve, with more than 50 straight hours of music and breaking news.

Speaking of breaking news, the radio guys have a special announcement below for Christmas in July.

In other news, the Jingle Bells Singing Contest Continues. We’re into day #3 and we’re about 14 hours into it. We’re down to about 4 elves now. We might have a winner to announce today!

I’ll keep you posted.

Elf Ernest

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