Weather Forecast
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Rough Weather Forecast for December

In a weekly meeting of officials at North Pole Flight Command the Weather Department warned of severe weather at the North Pole lasting as long as eight weeks. Obviously, this covers the time period of Santa’s launch and the entirety…
Flight Command
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Chat with the Director of Flight Command

Have you ever wondered on what happens behind the scenes of Santa's trip around the world? It takes the work of thousands of elves, sleighs, reindeer and sleigh pilots to make it happen. It takes elves of all kinds all over the world. Millions…
Tracker Elves Sign Up
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Tracker Elf Sign-ups Explode

Officials at say a new record for sign-ups for tracker elves was set over the weekend. Millions of new elves are expected to track Santa for Santa this holiday season. While exact numbers were not shared Elf Crash Murphy,…
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Changes at the Iceland Regional Tracking Center

A conference call with Santa and senior elf officials at North Pole Flight Command resulted in suspension of operations at the Sector 3 Regional Tracking Center in Vik, Iceland. In recent weeks parts of Iceland have been under evacuation…
Tracking Santa
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Tracking Santa By Text

The North Pole is once again pleased to report the availability of tracking Santa by text. For over a decade, each holiday season, the North Pole has offered this service free of charge. To sign up, use the form below: Loading... Offered…
50 Days Until Santa Launches 1
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50 Days Until Santa Launches

Another marker in the countdown to Christmas passes today as just 50 days remain until Santa launches from the North Pole. This important point in the season highlights all that needs to be done in advance of that big day. Santa himself…
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Reindeer Handlers Growing Impatient

The Reindeer barn doors are closed and elves who usually tend to the needs of the reindeer are bored. Really bored. Only a handful of reindeer remain at the North Pole at this time. Teams usually assigned to Santa and Mrs. Claus are gone…
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Elf Seymour Snow Chats About the Weather

Elf Seymour Snow stopped by North Pole Chat and discussed how his Weather Department at the North Pole works with Santa on Christmas Eve. Fascinating discussion! Here is the chat transcript: Elf Ernest Our chat today is with Elf Seymour…
Santa Remains at Large 2
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Santa Remains at Large

The search for Santa took something of a wild turn over the weekend. Reports surfaced that Santa had been found by Elf Crash Murphy, who was traveling in Sector 2. Those reports included a video of Crash talking with Santa. That video caused…
Santa Tracker
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Secrets of a Professional Santa Tracker

In a special episode of the North Pole Podcast elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy discuss the work of a professional Santa Tracker, Elf Petey LaCroix. Elf Petey is part of a team of special elves charged with tracking Santa's sleigh on Christmas…
Tracker Elves
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More Tracker Elves Wanted

International Director of Santa Trackers, Elf Crash Murphy, has published today an invitation to believers everywhere to become elves by tracking Santa for Santa. “It’s not an emergency but an invitation,” Elf Crash Murphy said. “The…
Santa Scouts the Sleigh 3
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Santa Scouts the Sleigh

From somewhere in the South Pacific Santa Claus met with field tracker Elf Petey LaCroix this week to scout test flights of Santa’s sleigh. As reported earlier, Santa wanted to see new equipment in action and to discuss with Elf Petey the…