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100 Days to Launch

100 days to launch is what the countdown timer says on the big clock at North Pole Flight Command. It is another big milestone in the countdown to Christmas. If you have been following the test flights of Santa’s sleigh on the big map over at SantaTrackers.net you know that right now test flights are […]

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150 Days Until Santa Launches

We have just 150 days until Santa launches from the North Pole. As North Pole Flight Command reminds us, things could not be busier. Christmas in July has been an eventful time. In the past several days we have enjoyed: 1. A robust chat with Santa yesterday. He was handing out elf assignments and spreading […]

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Five Days Until Santa Launches

Five days until Santa launches! Holy smokes, this is exciting. I have been talking to new tracker elves all over the world. They have been sending me pictures of their home tracking centers. They have them decorated with maps and Christmas trees. Some are using computers, some use tablets and some use phones. Many have […]

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10 Days Until Santa Launches

10 days now remain until Santa launches. All year long our countdown has brought us to this moment. Are we ready? Santa’s sleigh is still out on test flights. You can follow their progress on the map located on our Santa Tracker page. That map comes direct from North Pole Flight Command. But there is […]

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25 Days to Santa’s Launch

25 Days to Santa’s Launch! It’s getting closer! Hi ho, Fans, Believers and Trackers of Santa — Elf Max here, head web dude at SantaTrackers.net reminding you that our countdown to launch of Santa’s sleigh is getting serious We now have 37 million tracker elves for Santa registered from places all over the world. Santa […]

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75 Days Until Santa Launches

Just 75 days until Santa launches, folks! Hi. Elf Max here, in Flight Command for SantaTrackers.net and SantaUpdate.com. The work of preparing for Santa’s launch continues. The test flights are going pretty well. They are slowly narrowing down the design of Santa’s new sleigh. We don’t know when the final sleigh design will be decided […]

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100 Days Until Santa Launches

100 days until Santa launches! The countdown clock here in North Pole Flight Command tells the story in big bold letters and everyone here is working now with greater urgency. Greetings, friends! Elf Max here, at your service. It is tracker elf recruiting season here at SantaTrackers.net. Santa gave us the goal of reaching a […]

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Santa Launches in 150 Days

We have reached an important milestone today: it is now just 150 days until Santa launches. While the rest of the North Pole wraps up Christmas-in-July today I am at the North Pole Flight Command Center preparing for a bunch of meetings that have suddenly been called for tomorrow. We have several crews working tomorrow […]


200 Days Until Santa Launches

(Special to SantaUpdate from the North Flight Command Center) — Greetings, all. Elf Max here from Flight Command with a brief update. We have now reached the 200-day milestone. There are just 200 days remaining until Santa launches from the North Pole. North Pole Flight Command is kind of a mess right now. Yes, we […]