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Santa’s Favorite Holiday

I bumped into Santa this morning and he was even jollier than normal. I asked him why and he said that his favorite holiday was just a few days away. Things have been so busy here that I almost forgot that Thanksgiving was this week. Yes, Thanksgiving is Santa’s favorite holiday. He loves Christmas but […]


How to Find the REAL Santa Claus Online

Santa knows that a lot of you have questions about him and that some of you may be looking for the answers online. He wants to remind you that you should never give out any of your personal information to access any website. “Any website claiming to have information on Santa but wants your address […]


Never Pay Money to See or Talk to Santa

Just after Halloween the letters started flowing into the North Pole. Many kids write with questions and we do our best to answer them. One of the most important questions was asked by a boy in the U.K. named Daniel who wanted to know how much money he needed to bring to see Santa Claus. […]

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The Countdown to the Countdown Begins

Santa was in quite a hurry today. He rushed from department to department here at the North Pole, shaking hands and patting elves on the back. Today is an important day in the work of Operation Merry Christmas 2011 — we begin the countdown to the countdown today. At least that is what Santa calls […]

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Elves Take a Day Off for Labor Day

The North Pole closed down yesterday to celebrate Labor Day. When I asked Santa why we celebrate Labor Day which is normally an American holiday he replied: “The elves work hard all year long to make Christmas possible. Taking a day to honor them and all of the other hard working people around the world […]

Santa Seeks Summer Fun in North America

Santa and Mrs. Claus took a sleigh down toward the Canadian/U.S border over the weekend to meet with a group of elves from Canada. From there Santa planned to leave immediately after a meeting to take Mrs. Claus “somewhere warm” for a few days. This is a very rare thing for Santa to do. He’s […]