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27 Weeks Until Christmas

27 weeks now until Christmas. It’s starting to get really kinda of busy around here. Now, before you ask, yes, Trixie is gone. This reindeer Mama is not happy about it but what can you do? This is supposed to be a six-week assignment. But then what? By then they say all of Santa’s reindeer […]

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28 Weeks Until Christmas

It’s only 28 weeks to Christmas now and Trixie’s home! She has grown so much! She has muscles on muscles and my goodness – is she ever FAST. I was so used to her being a little reindeer but now she’s taller than me. I mean, everyone is taller than me and Trixie is still […]

29 Weeks Until Christmas

Christmas is just 29 weeks away but it could be tomorrow, guys. Really. I mean sincerely. For reals. My best friend Gracie, who’s an elf over on the candy cane line, has a brother named Finn who works at Flight Command. Finns says that Santa’s new sleigh is breaking all kinds of records. They just […]

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36 Weeks Until Christmas

36 weeks until Christmas! Time is zipping by so fast, guys. I’m starting to sound like an old person, huh? Well, it’s true. Time here at the North Pole is not like time everywhere. I’ve told you this before. It’s April and most people aren’t even thinking of Christmas. That’s what makes the North Pole […]

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37 Weeks Until Christmas

37 weeks until Christmas and I’m late! I was supposed to post yesterday but I had an exciting day with Santa and we got delayed. I’m told this happens to Santa a lot. He goes places, he gets to talking to people and before you know it you’ve lost track of time. Santa, of course, […]

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38 Weeks Until Christmas

Now there are just 38 weeks until Christmas. And, it is April Fools Day today. Elf Ernest told me that some of you are going to write in and ask about how April Fools Day is celebrated at the North Pole. Well I can tell you this: April Fools Day is celebrated here the same […]

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39 Weeks Until Christmas

39 weeks until Christmas, friends! Did you hear me? 39 weeks!!!! So, my elf reporterette job took me to the Research and Development Department. The head elf over there, Elf Quinton, wouldn’t give me the time of day. And you should never ever do that to a reporter. You see, I heard those guys were […]

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40 Weeks Until Christmas

40 weeks until Christmas! Well…actually, it’s 40 weeks until Santa launches.  I keep forgetting that’s what Operation Merry Christmas means. It is all elves think about here.  It makes sense. Our job here at the North Pole is to get Santa out there and around the world every year. That’s Christmas.  Anyways.  I’m so-so-so busy […]

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41 Weeks Until Christmas

41 weeks to Christmas, friends! Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, oh-my-gosh….there’s some good stuff happening.  But I can’t tell you yet.  I know I said I would tell you over on SantaTrackers.net. But I can’t yet. They don’t have that part of the website ready yet. But I’m way way way stoked about it. What a time it […]

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42 Weeks Until Christmas

42 weeks until Christmas! Yay!  Hi Friends. Trixie here. I’m trying not to be sad today.  First of all, head over to the podcast section of the site and listen to the new episode Elves Frank and Crash have finally put out. It’s all about what happens at the North Pole after Christmas.  Second of […]